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You can find all utilities and usefull link at Window/Paintcraft menu

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Brush Setup

Configure brush workflow

Open Local Cache Folder

This is where paintcraft save all persistent images (user changes).


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Package Structure

├── 3DParty
| └── NodeInspector # (1) OpenSource graph editor used in brush configuration
├── BrushPack # (2) Contains built-in tools (Ink, Cryon, etc)
| ├── Advanced # available in both (Base and Pro version)
| └── Basic
├── Demo
| ├── ColoringBook # (3) Complete coloring book project (fill free to use it for reskining)
| ├── DrawingObjects # Moving by animation or by script drawing game objects
| ├── DrawOnExistingImage # Drawing on top of existing image
| | (eraser erase in to the original image rather than canvas coolor)
| ├── OnePlayerBasic # Simple scene for one player coloring book
| ├── PatternBrush # Scene where you can use pattern brush
| ├── Prefabs # Prefabs used by Demo scenes
| ├── StampBrush # Here you can use stamps(stickers)
| ├── SwitchPageLive # Demonstrate that you can switch pages without actual reloading scene
| ├── TransparentBackground # Demonstrate coloring book with transparent canvas color
| ├── TwoPlayersOneCanvas # Split screen mode where each player draw on the same coloring page
| └── TwoPlayersTwoCanvases # Split screen each player draw own image
├── Engine # (4) Full source code of paintcraft package
├── Prefabs # PaintCraft prefab gameobject
└── Pro # (5) This folder available only for customers purchased pro package
├── 3D # 3D scenes
└── SVG # SVG packages
├ SimplySVG # Import this package for SimplySVG integration
└ SVGImporter # Import this package for SVGImporter integration
  1. Brush configuration is really flexible. You can controll your line almost at any point. And this plugin used to make it more user friendly. here is an example of one of the brush config

  2. We included several brushes to this package so you can freely use them in your project. and for sure you can play with any parameters.

  3. This is a live project with picture selection and 2 players split screen drawing. You can test it here in the browser or on your mobile WindowsStore, Android

  4. This is a source code of this package. if you are a programmer maybe it will be interesting to check the source code. It's available in base and pro package.

  5. This folder available only for customers purchased PRO package and it contains SVG integration and 3D drawing implementation. If you are doing VR app probably it's what you need.